Christian Education is an important ministry in the life of the parish. In the parochial school the young students learn the fundamental skills that will help them to be intelligent and productive adults in society, as well as responsible members of the Christian community. There is a School Committee, which is an advisory body consisting of the pastor, school principal, and nine lay people. The committee establishes policies for operating the facilities at the school and assists in implementing these policies.

Addressing the needs of parents or guardians of students in the school is the Home School Association. This is an organization who members are the parents of students enrolled at Most Holy Rosary, the Pastor, and the Principal. The Association aims to provide a forum for discussion of problems affecting students, parents, and teachers. It also endeavors to enhance  nurture, and foster the education of children according to Roman Catholic principles.

The Religious Education Program addresses the situation of children who attend neighborhood schools. They are given weekly religious instruction. There are also Sacramental Programs for all members of the parish who are to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist, and Confirmation. Religious Education classes are taught by members of the parish who volunteer to share their gift of faith with the younger members.

The Bridges of Faith youth group is for those members of our parish who have received their Confirmation and still wish to participate in Religious Education. They often mentor and work with the current Confirmation class members. These students act out a Live Stations of the Cross every year on Good Friday, as well as a Living Nativity every winter and various retreats throughout the year. They are active in the parish community purely because they wish to be.

Christian Social Ministries at Most Holy Rosary consist of groups of parishioners who reach out of the parish community itself, by contributing their time and talents to the needs of the poor.

The Human Development Committee aims to be of service to the needy of the parish and to bring joy into the lives of the sick and the elderly. Once a month member who are organized into two teams prepare and deliver dinner to Oxford Street Inn. Members also help distribute food for dinners during the holiday season.

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